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Easy Way to Make Sight Word Books

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Research shows you must read a sight word MANY times before it becomes automatic.  And reading them in many different kinds of books is the most effective way (flashcards are good for extra practice but it is isolated learning).

When I taught Kindergarten a few years back, I had the Pearson Reading Street series. We had approximately 5 sight words per week.  They provided ONE black and white phonetic reader as home practice that included 1 or 2 of the sight words and that’s it!    We practiced sight words in literacy centers and did the usual introducing them, adding them to the word wall and writing with them. But, I knew they also needed to be reading these words in BOOKS! So, I made my own.

The beauty of this is that it is cheap and it’s easy and you can keep them from year to year.  I used construction paper or copy paper and stickers.  Put a sticker on the page and write a sentence(s) with the sight word. Then, laminate and bind and you have them for a long time! (See pics below)  I laminated some at school but ended up doing most at home with thicker lamination for sturdiness. I usually made 3 or 4 for each sight word.

Sight word lists don’t vary that much so even if you switch “programs” you will use these again.  Great for additional practice for guided reading and partner reading too!  My kids LOVED reading these with partners in a center.



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